Originally from Canada and currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vanessa Rodrigues is an accomplished salsa pianist, jazz organist, and music educator.

Vanessa has shared the stage with acclaimed international artists such as Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Silveira, Peruvian bass virtuoso Oscar Stagnaro, saxophonist Ronnie Cuber and trumpeter Randy Brecker, and has studied under Hammond B-3 organist Dr. Lonnie Smith and Colombian Salsa pianist Jaime Henao.

She has performed across Canada, Europe, Japan and Brazil, and founded a popular yearly jazz organ jam session in Montreal, at which she counts organist Joey DeFrancesco and saxophonist Kenny Garrett among her guests.

Vanessa has released 5 albums as a leader: Soul Project (2005); Gale/Rodrigues Group Live at the Rex (2007); Soul Food for Thought (2009); Buckaloose: the 270 Sessions (2010); and Buckaloose: Live at Upstairs (2013)

9 comments on “Biography

  1. Vanessa, I have the Live/Studio CD you made with Ricardo Silveira and I play Francesca over and over to hear your organ solo. I don’t think the crowd there appreciated it nearly enough.

    • Hi Bob, thank you so much for your comment, I’m really glad you enjoy the album. I remember playing that show, and it was quite an intimate environment; I feel like the audience really appreciated the music at the time, even if they weren’t loud about it. In any case, thanks again for your message, that project is such a joy for me, such great musicians, and Ricardo’s compositions are fantastic.

  2. Hi Vanessa, I just discovered you today on YouTube. I fell in love with the B3 and organ trios back in the late 60’s listening to Jimmy Smith, All “Hammond” Moore and others., Listening to you has rekindled my love for the instrument. I may have to leave the bass and go back to the B3 for awhile anyway…..

    • Hi Darrell, thank you so much for writing. Yeah the Hammond organ is a very special instrument, I’m happy to hear I’ve contributed to your appreciation of it. Enjoy!!
      Best wishes

  3. Great playing! I was just curious if u had any solo organ videos coming up on YouTube? Or maybe you playing church organ. But great playing again!

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