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  1. Hi Vanessa. Great learning tool. I have been playing awhile but your e-book on Salsa and the YouTube videos on playing the Hammond B3 make both pathways available. Thanks so much and I love your sense of humor. I’ll check back in when I get thru the e-book.

  2. Oi Vanessa:

    Would be great if you could do a video talking about developing hand independence — like how to improve soloing and walking. I can comp/walk well enough, but soloing/walking is a lot harder.


  3. Hi Vanessa,
    thank you very much for answering my request. I`ll be looking for that tutorial….by the Bridge I really meant the other montuno part with C# -7/5b F#7 B-7 E7 progression.
    I will order your E-book. I am so happy I found your website. Thanks again!

    God bless,

      • Hi Vanessa,
        Nice…….I can`t wait!!! Of course, you figured what part 🙂
        Great job with the E-book on the Salsa piano and thanks again for taking the time to answer my request.

        God bless,

    • Hi Antonio,

      As I’m uploading it I realize I just did the part with the break, but you might be referring to the part that comes after, with the funky timba-esque montuno … same chords but the alternating between the outer and inner parts of the chords is done with a particular rhythm that’s different and more sophisticated than a stock tumbao … if that is indeed the part you were talking about, I’ll have to do a follow up video 😉 … but in the mean time, the break is here:

      • Dear Vanessa,

        Thank you…thank you…thank you! for “Yo no se manana” tutorial. Now, sounds right!
        Yes, the part after the break was also one I would love to know how to play it, but I can`t ask you to spend your time learning it for free, it is not fair. I would only ask you to do the follow up video if you charge me (like a download link or other ways). That part in the song I am sure requires a lot of work and your time and talent must be remunerated. Deal???

        God bless,

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    could you please do a tutorial video of the piano montuno in Luis Enrique`s “Yo no se manana” (Chorus & Bridge)? I love that song but I have been unable to play those parts like it is on the CD.

    God bless,

  5. Dear Vanessa, just bought your ebook and its AWESOME.
    I have been dancing salsa my whole life, and inspired by my son Evan who is in Berklee (College of Music) for jazz bass, I picked up the piano again. Always wanted to play salsa and my son said, “mom you need to start with the metronome” I did not like that metronome growing up! But you proved him right and make it fun and a good challenge. I see that your build up is superb.
    You are a mentor, thats what counts…..haha.
    Gratitude and love,

  6. Hi Vanessa
    Hope you remember me. I have been trying to reach you, hope this works. Please contact me. It is regarding my friend in LA regarding Blue Note. Hope all is well with you and your Music
    Best regards
    Leonard Monaco.

  7. Hi Vanessa, I came across your videos for Salsa piano and montunos. I really enjoy them and was hoping you were in CA so I can take lessons with you!!! but alas, I see you are in Brasil. 😦 Thanks for the videos and best regards.

    • Hi LeAnna! Thank you so much for your message … yes, I am quite far away now … though I will hopefully be set up to give Skype lessons sometime in the next year or so (internet connections are a bit unreliable at the moment) … stay tuned to my YouTube channel for info about that. Thanks again, I’m glad you found the videos helpful!

  8. Hey Vanessa!! I really found ur Videos Instructional..Currently i am a Blues and a Boogie Woogie Player.But i am fond of Latin Music as i m a big fan of Shakira..I am a fan of u Now..

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