As a Leader:

       Malta Silva Rodrigues – Erê

BuckalooseLive80x80       Buckaloose: Live at Upstairs

Buckaloose2       Buckaloose: The 270 Sessions

SoulFoodLg ChompystickerBlkBg    Soul Food for Thought

Rex       Gale/Rodrigues Group Live at the Rex

SoulProj       Soul Project ** featuring guitarist Donna Grantis of Prince’s ‘Third Eye Girl‘**

As a Side-Musician:

Ricardo Silveira Organ tRio CD Cover      Ricardo Silveira: Ricardo Silveira Organ tRio

Barry Elmes Quartet-Happy Hour80x80      Barry Elmes: Happy Hour

     Barry Elmes: Redshift

      Dave Turner: Earth Tones

      Free Oxygen: Funkosynthesis

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