How to Play Hammond Organ

How to Play Jazz on the Hammond Organ – F Blues

*** NOW AVAILABLE: Full sheet-music transcription of all music in the above tutorial video, including bass lines, comping chords and RH solos ***

F-Blues Hammond Organ Sheet Music Transcription: $12.99 USD

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19 comments on “How to Play Hammond Organ

    • Hello Keyaunta, thank you very much for your purchase.
      Whenever anyone makes a purchase from my site, an email is automatically generated and sent with a download link to the customer … please check your spam folders to see if it ended up there (this happens every once in a while with certain customers, it depends on your individual spam settings and other factors).
      I will also send you a download link to your email address. Thank you and please let me know if you have any further difficulty …

  1. Hola Vanessa me gusta tu modo de enseñar, haber si tambien dictas en Español y Muchas Gracias por el aporte y que Dios te bendiga.

  2. Excelente!!!! Es una pena que cuando la cámara enfoca desde arriba, la imagen se pixela, igual voy a sacar mucha información de este tutorial. Admirable! ¿Este es el único video donde enseñás? Saludos.

  3. Hello Vanessa, I haven’t had the pleasure of your music until today when I was listening to Jim Alfredson of Organissimo. I saw your video on the F blues which was on Organissimo’s website. Besides the F blues instructional video, do you have any other instructional videos for sale or plan to do some in the future for Organ jazz/blues?

    • Hello Stan! Thank you very much for your comment. I plan to post some more related videos soon concerning improvising on the Hammond organ. (for the time being the next videos will be done on a Nord Electro because regular access to a real B3 in Rio de Janeiro is difficult).

      *** I also make private videos available. They are about the same length as the videos you see on YouTube. Please email me at for more details. ***

      Thanks again. Cheers!

  4. Vanessa: I have a numa organ and I learned some cool organ techniques from you today. Thank You!. Regards Mark

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