How to Play Salsa Piano

Salsa Instructional eBook!!

The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano is a fun, fast, and easy way to tackle the basics of montuno playing!

‘The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano’ features:

  • a step-by-step walk-through of 7 must-know classic montunos
  • an in-depth breakdown of rhythmic and harmonic variations of said classic montunos.
  • rhythm exercises for coordination, independence and understanding the clave.
  • detailed scores of all exercises and montunos.
  • over 40 accompanying video examples.

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Scores and text are easy to read; important points, notes and tips in a vibrant and punchy, decidedly Latin color scheme are featured throughout.

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How to play a Salsa montuno (tumbao) on the piano – tutorial #1

How to play a Salsa montuno (tumbao) on the piano – tutorial #2

How to play a Salsa montuno (tumbao) on the piano – tutorial #3

How to play a salsa montuno (tumbao) on the piano with LH bass line – Tutorial #4

How to play Cha-cha-chá on the piano – Montuno Tutorial #5

How to play the piano tumbao break from Mi Tierra (Gloria Estefan)

*** complete piano sheet music of Mi Tierra for just $8.99:Add to Cart

How to Play the Montuno Break from Yo No Se Mañana

*** complete piano sheet music of Yo No Sé Mañana for just $8.99:Add to Cart

19 comments on “How to Play Salsa Piano

  1. Vanessa obrigado por esses tutorias, estão acrescentando muito em meus estudos…Um forte abraço

  2. Vanessa I want to take this to thank you for your tutorial video
    I like to purchase the Guide to salsa piano
    Please let me know if I can get it quickly

  3. Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for this helpful series of videos on latin piano. i play in a latin jazz band as an amateur and i already use some montuno patterns, but i never knew the exact assignment of montuno parts to the parts of the clave. i did it always by heart and gusto. now i understand much more the principles of salsa music. i am looking forward to your announced e-book and more sequences of latin piano skills

  4. Hi Vanessa, can i suggest for your videos to slow down and show more your hands it seem to me that it is a very short period of time watching your hands, great explanation of how it’s done do. Thank you.

    • Hi Nelson, thank you for your feedback!
      I will soon be releasing an ebook about Salsa piano soon that explains these montunos (and others) slowly and in much more detail, stay tuned!! Cheers

  5. Vanessa You had a video on youtube for yay boy could you upload it again it was really helpfull thanks

  6. Vanessa,
    Thank you for the prompt reply. I will be waiting for the e-book – particularly the tumbao in question 😉 – with bated breath. Tchau.

  7. Hi Titin, thank you so much for your comment, I’m happy you find this series helpful 🙂 As for that particular tumbao, I’m sure it’s out there written somewhere, though I haven’t actually ever seen it written out. I’m currently working on an e-book though, and I’ll include this one, so keep an eye out for it. Cheers!

  8. Hello Vanessa,
    Thank you for creating this series of tutorials; they are delightful! Can you please tell me where I can find the sheet music for the 3:2 example you played at the end of the 3rd tutorial? Thanks.

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