Welcome to the official website of Canadian-born, Rio de Janeiro-based musician and educator Vanessa Rodrigues.

Here you can find info about upcoming shows, listen to and purchase her jazz organ recordings, check out her popular series of Salsa piano instructional videos, and more …

“Canadian keyboardist Vanessa Rodrigues is largely responsible for the re-popularization of the jazz organ scene in Rio!”
Santo Scenarium
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Salsa Instructional eBook!!

Vanessa’s popular Salsa piano instructional eBook!!  

‘The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano’ features:

  • a step-by-step walk-through of 7 must-know classic montunos
  • an in-depth breakdown of rhythmic and harmonic variations of said classic montunos.
  • rhythm exercises for coordination, independence and understanding the clave.
  • detailed scores of all exercises and montunos.
  • over 40 accompanying video examples.

Click here for more information >>

Scores and text are easy to read; important points, notes and tips in a vibrant and punchy, decidedly Latin color scheme are featured throughout.

Download ‘The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano’ Now!! >>

You can now buy the “The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano” eBook and accompanying video examples for just $14.99 USD*

The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano: $14.99 USD

The download may take a few minutes to complete because of the size of the videos …

***Play-along tracks!!***

Now you can practice every montuno in The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano with this set of play-along Mp3s for only $5.99!
Includes 8 Mp3 tracks which serve to practice all montunos featured in the book.
Tracks are 2:10 in length and have acoustic bass, claves, congas, bongos and timbales (cáscara)

Play-Along Tracks: $5.99 USD

Also available:

PDF-only version, video not included , for $11.99 USD:

Click here to purchase PDF-only version>>

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*Payments are processed by secure platform Stripe

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about purchasing The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano.

How to Play Jazz on the Hammond Organ – F Blues

*** NOW AVAILABLE: Full sheet-music transcription of all music in the above tutorial video, including bass lines, comping chords and RH solos ***

F-Blues Hammond Organ Sheet Music Transcription: $12.99 USD

Click here for more tutorial videos >>
Or visit my YouTube channel>>

Malta Silva Rodrigues – Erê

“An Afro-Brazilian departure from the traditional jazz organ trio format, with elements of Baião, Capoeira, Candomblé, Jazz and Blues”

Carlos Malta – flutes & woodwinds
Robertinho Silva – drums and percussion
Vanessa Rodrigues – Tokai TX5 Combo Organ

Partner/recording: Sputnik Phonograms https://www.sputnik.mus.br/

Ricardo Silveira Organ tRio!!

Album now available!

Ricardo Silveira Organ tRio CD Cover

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 2012/2013.
Featuring Vanessa Rodrigues on Hammond organ and Rafael Barata on drums


20 comments on “Home

  1. I discovered you a few years back, So pleased you’ve made the Hammond your instrument. I was impressed when you played the Jimmy Smith F blues perfectly. But I. love musical uncharted new genres and for me at age 69 Afro cuban understanding is my guest A life long organ trio player I ‘m doing some transition to a two handed Gospel sound though still a Bass player at heart. Best wishes
    Kenny Day. Seattle!

    • I forgot to mention I just purchased all the lessons I used to watch on YOUTUBE Thanks for keeping them available Kenny

  2. I ordered your F Blues transcription about mid December how long does it usually take to get it?
    Thanks! Love your music!

    • Hi Bill, thank you very much for contacting me and for purchasing the F-Blues transcription. The email with the link should have been sent instantly, check your spam folder, some customers report having found the email there. Please let me know if you don’t find it and I’ll send it again …

  3. Hi venessa. How are you? I watched ur video on salsa piano. And its really interesting. I am a musician too pianist, singer, song writer. Been longing to get hold of how to play salsa piano then jus yesterday I ran into ur video n so far its been helpful though it hasn’t really sunk hehe am still rehearsing esp those with the big chords with sus and minors n am still slow haha. But I must say u are a great pianist n teacher too. Am guessing u play other styles too. I need u to help me improve my piano playing in salsa n other styles too.

    • Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you found the videos helpful!

      If you’re wanting to get deeper into Salsa, you might find my new Salsa piano ebook interesting; it takes you through the fundamentals of Salsa piano in a fun and easy way:


      As for other styles, stay tuned 🙂

      Thanks again, good luck, and have fun!!

  4. This ebook is so fun!!! its easy to understand, easy to follow, easy to figure out the techniques she’s teaching. As I said before, I wish I had this ebook 20 years ago”.
    Thanks V, for such a cool and valuable tool.


  5. My story from Brockville Ontario Canada, was that Vanessa was my very first music teacher .. Not long but inspired me enough to stay committed to learning how to play the piano.
    Thanks for that
    All the best with your music profession
    Jack Henry

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jack. You were a pleasure to teach and I’m very happy to hear you stuck with music!! Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2014 to you and your family!! Cheers!

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