The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano (eBook)

A fun, fast and easy way to tackle the basics of montuno playing! 

Are you a musician who grew up in a country where Latin rhythms are not a part of the culture and everyday life (affectionately known as a ‘Gringo’)? Have you always wanted to play Salsa piano but are frustrated with how elusive and complex it seems to be? Do you want to just have some fun and not exhaust yourself with highly academic method-books? If so, search no more, you’re in exactly the right place!


‘The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano’ features:

  • a step-by-step walk-through of 7 must-know classic montunos
  • an in-depth breakdown of rhythmic and harmonic variations of said classic montunos.
  • rhythm exercises for coordination, independence and understanding the clave.
  • detailed scores of all exercises and montunos.
  • over 40 accompanying video examples.

Click here for a sneak preview of a sample page from each chapter >>

Scores and text are easy to read; important points, notes and tips in a vibrant and punchy, decidedly Latin color scheme are featured throughout.

Download ‘The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano’ Now!!

You can now buy the “The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano” eBook and accompanying video examples for just $14.99 USD.

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Once your payment is processed*, you will get a link to download the zip file which includes the 72-page eBook PDF and 45 video examples.

The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano: $14.99 USD

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***Play-along tracks!!***

Now you can practice every montuno in The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano with this set of play-along Mp3s for only $5.99!
Includes 8 Mp3 tracks which serve to practice all montunos featured in the book.
Tracks are 2:10 in length and have acoustic bass, claves, congas, bongos and timbales (cáscara)

Play-Along Tracks: $5.99 USD

Also available:

PDF-only version, video not included , for $11.99 USD:

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“Hallo all,

Just wanted to share about my experience with the e-guide for salsa:

I got it a couple of months before flying to Cuba. I had very little piano experience and no Cuban music knowledge at all. I had such a great time with this book, made me practice a lot and understand the basics. When I traveled to Cuba I got a chance to play with Cubans a little bit thanks to the lessons in the guide, it really made my experience over there different, because that country is really all about rhythm.

I recommend anyone even thinking about it to try it out, you won’t regret it!!”

-Roni Meisels

The Gringo’s E-Guide unravels the mysteries of salsa piano with commentary and written musical examples supplemented by videos that show how the keyboard montunos interact with the clave.  A wonderful introduction to this most seductive of Latin rhythms.”

-Barbara Wright
Denver, Colorado

“I am thoroughly enjoying this course of study. Vanessa starts you off with a set of very strict but accessible rhythm exercises that clearly articulate the basic salsa rhythmic forms. While I was clapping along with the metronome my 8 month old grandson was fascinated. He is now clapping along with me. He will know salsa before he knows any words.”


“I just wanted to send you a personal note from Finland, to thank you so much for your ebook which I just purchased, and your videos. I discovered you through youtube this weekend and haven’t left the side of the piano since 🙂

I’ve played classic piano before, and in the Dominican Republic I discovered my love for salsa, merengue and bachata. The problem is that I’ve always struggled with rhythm, especially when comes to salsa, but I think now I actually “got it”, with the help of your materials and piano!!!

I’ve been teaching the initials of classic piano to my daughter and now our whole family is learning to play salsa together, with your help 🙂 It’s so much fun too! I’ve always hated playing with the metronome, but now I can’t wait to get back to it 🙂 Thanks so much for creating these awesome materials!!”


“I can thoroughly recommend this package for learning Salsa piano.
I have tried a few books and CDs but Vanessa’s videos and book are simply the best.
Thanks Vanessa.”

-Richard Casagrande

“This ebook is so fun!!! its easy to understand, easy to follow, easy to figure out the techniques she’s teaching. As I said before, I wish I had this ebook 20 years ago.
Thanks V, for such a cool and valuable tool.”

-Ruben, Michigan

“It’s so very to-the-point, get you up-and-running! Much easier to get some good from than other salsa piano books I collected before!”

-Wade Cottingham

“For some like me with little time to practice and just want to enjoy this music to myself and at a family room with families and friends, it’s a great tool. I find it handy, concise and sympathetic, straight to the grain. Thank you.”


20 comments on “The Gringo’s E-Guide to Salsa Piano (eBook)

  1. Thanks for the step by step comprehensive , accurate playing and description of the montuno, I play guitar and I have always wanted to play and understand the piano part in salsa . I like the voice leading descption as well , only got the book and because of the accurate description and useful excercises showing how to get the feel of the montuno , i can use this for other chord patterns and turnarounds. thanks again

  2. I play guitar a little. don’t read music. Have never played piano. Can I learn from your lessons to play salsa music on the piano, with enough practice?

    • Hello Ron,

      Thank you very much for your message. Yes, you can learn from my videos without needing to read music, and your knowledge of chords from playing guitar will help a lot. One very important point though is that seeing as how salsa piano requires some technical strength (as in actual physical strength and coordination in the fingers), I would recommend taking some technique lessons from a classical player and doing some Hanon finger-strengthening exercises. Good luck and have fun!!

      • Put your little finger and ring finger and middle finger on 3 adjacent keys of the piano, now try to lift you ring finger while the little finger and middle finger continue press on firmly. If you have trouble doing this, you likely will have trouble. A while ago I tried to teach a novice to play piano with shortcut without going through the basic scalings trainings of classic piano. I found out that it was not possible due to lacking the nervous system development. It is akin to physical therapy of some severed nerve fiber , it takes time, years in worst cases.

  3. Hi Vanessa,

    I’ve watched your montuno tutorials in youtube, and I like a lot the way you teach Salsa. Today I bought your book, I hope to learn a lot of Salsa, Montuno. Thank you .

    • Hi Ray,

      There are videos to go with every rhythm exercise and montuno described in the book, 45 in total; I did this specifically to help those who don’t read music. Because of the total size of the video files, I had to make the videos quite short; most of them are about 4-bars long, but all the material is there in video form as well as written. Since you already play piano, you should have a fairly easy time understanding what is going on in all the videos.

      Thanks and have fun learning salsa!

  4. This ebook is so fun!!! its easy to understand, easy to follow, easy to figure out the techniques she’s teaching. As I said before, I wish I had this ebook 20 years ago”.
    Thanks V, for such a cool and valuable tool.

  5. I appreciate the time you devote to show some of your knowledge. For some like me with little time to practice and just want to enjoy this music to myself and at a family room with families and friends, it’s a great tool. I find it handy, concise and sympathetic, straight to the grain. Thank you. (Your are sexy too)

  6. The sample pages look easy to read with good spacing and a happy chirpy colour scheme that makes it look so attractive. Well done.

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